Mechi Zonal Training, VEP and Specliazed Training
From Baisakh 30 to Jesth 8th in Ilam, Jhapa and Biratnagar.
Sagarmatha Zonal and Specialized Training
Zonal Training and Specialized Training in Gaighat, Udayapur
Receipt and Evaluation Forms
Receipt of Health Kit Bag and Volunteers' Evaluation Forms are urgenlty needed
Coordinator's Orientation Program
Orientation Program for the Coordinators working in all districts of Eastern and Mid Development Region as well as of Lumbini Zone
The National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS) was launched under the auspices of the National Planning Commission (NPC) in 6TH March 2000 to support the poverty alleviation program of the 9TH Plan (1997-2002) fundamentally to meet the human resources need in the remote districts of Nepal.

It was initially inspired by the success of the experiences of the National Development Services (NDS) program implemented as a part of the Tribhuwan University curriculum for Master level program (1973-1979). The rationale behind the establishment was generalising and reviving the spirit of volunteerism among the public in general and youth, identify and utilize the skills and experience of professionals and citizens available as dormant or potential surplus in the country\'s developmental works, supplement the needs in the human resources requirements of the Districts Development Committees (DDCs) and Village Development Committees (VDCs) encouraging the youth to reach out to the remote parts of the country for service and obtain field experience in the living conditions of rural Nepal and exposure to the realities of the country.

NDVS started its volunteer mobilization program in FY 1998/1999 selecting 25 districts - 19 in the mountain region and 9 in the hills. In FY 1998/1999, 220 volunteers were recruited in those 25 districts of different working sectors such as Engineer, Overseer, Agriculturist, Geographer, Demographer, Health Worker, Social Mobilizer, Teacher, Herbal Plant Specialist and Solar Energy Specialist etc. Now, NDVSs activities are expanded in 75 districts of Nepal and altogether 8800 volunteers have been mobilized so far.